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Khmer Language Guide

Hello. Joom Reeup Soua
How are you? Sok Sabai Tey?
Goodbye. Lee heay?
No problem. Aut bpun yaha.
Thank you. Awkun.
No thank you. Awtey Awkun.
See you tomorrow. Sa-aik Chooup Kneana.
Sorry / Excuse me. Som Toah.
Questions & Requests
Check please. Soam Ketloy
Where is the bathroom? Bantop dtuk no ai na?
How much for one beer? Be yair mooey tlai ponemaan?
where ? Nov ai na
when ? Peyl na
why ? Hat-awey
who ? Norna kne
what? Ehgay
Sick Cheu
Blood Chiem
Hospital Mohn Tee Peht
Food & Drink
Water Dteuk
Ice Dteuk kok
No Ice Please. Dteuk kok
Glass Gaio
Salt Umble
Pepper Marik
Sugar Skaa
Spoon S'lap bree-ah
Fork Sorm
Knife Kam Beut
Spicy Hull
Don't want spicy Awt yole hull
Don't want meat. Awt yole saut
Don't want ice. Awt yole dteuk kok
One Mooey
Two Pee
Three Bye
Four Booun
Five Bram
Six Bram Mooey (5+1)
Seven Bram Pee (5+2
Eight Bram Bye (5+3)
Nine Bram Booun (5+4)
Ten Dawp
Eleven Dawp Mooey
20 Maapie
21 Maapie Mooey
30 Saam Sup
40 Sie Sup
50 Haa Sup
60 Hoke Sup
70 Jet Sup
80 Bayrt Sup
90 Kaow Sup
100 Kaow Sup
1000 Mooey Poawn
10000 Mooey Meun
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